January 21, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Things On My Reading Wishlist

Theme: Top Ten Things On My Reading Wishlist (if you could make authors write about these things you would. Could be a specific type of character, an issue tackled, a time period, a certain plot, etc.)

1. A love-hate relationship with the protagonist. I love how this kind of main characters make me read through the end. This kind of characters usually make me stop and think for a while.

2. Something set in the 80's-90's. I was born in 1998, so I'm not quite sure how society and the lives really were back then. Of course I had an idea, but not completely concrete. I think that would be beautiful :)

3. The protagonist dies. I'm not brutal or anything, but wouldn't you like to realize that not everything ends up in a happy fairytale ending? 

4. Real-life problems of people (specifically teens) amd eye-openers. Teenagers are usually the most misunderstood in society. They're victims, offenders, problematic, emotional, obsessive, but others only see that as immature and an 'act of age' -- It's fair enough to give what teens are truly experiencing a chance to be seen by the rest of the world. And wouldn't we enjoy reading something that we could relate to? :) I find books interesting if they show things to people -- problems, events, ideas, proposals, etc. 

5. TEAR-JERKERS! Who wouldn't love a book that'll make you tear up even for a little bit?

6. An interesting, unexpected plot. It could be anything, really. Something that's unusual that it could make you stick to reading it.

7. Adventures. Who doesn't love a adventure-packed book?

8. Lessons. I think a book wouldn't be complete without it having something for the reader to think about. A moral lesson could teach somebody something, it could also be somebody's principle, or somebody's motto to success.

9. Enough of the perfect girl and the perfect guy tandem. Let's have something more unexpected! There are already enough of this. We know enough that this is far from reality. :(

10. Set in the future. As much as I love contemporary books I also love YA Sci-fi/Fiction. I think they're pretty interesting. :) 

What about yours? Feel free to share some thoughts in the comments below! :)


  1. That is one great wishlist!

    Check our TTT of this week.

    Leydy @ OUaT & Redcarpetendings

  2. I like tear jerkers as well. It shows the author has really connected with their audience! Great list :-)

    1. I agree with that point. Thanks Chrissi :)

  3. An 80s YA would be awesome! I have been watching The Carrie Diaries and I think books in that era would rock too :)\
    MIssie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

    1. I would enjoy how authors could make an 80's YA into something relatable to us living in the 21st century. I've been watching TCD as well and I've been enjoying it so far. Thanks Missie :)

  4. Good list, while I like the idea of a story where the main character dies but I don't think you're likely to find since one of the first rules they teach you writing class is to never kill off your main character. I also would like to have stories that deal with really teen issues.



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