Review Policy

The books used in my reviews are all physically bought or downloaded as an ePub.
If you happen to be an author/publisher, and want me to review your book, please consider the ff. details/information, then please email me at liannemat (at) gmail (dot) com.

  • I prefer any genre of YA - YA Fiction, YA  Sci-fi; Contemporary, Teen, Dystopian, and some Middle-grade
  • I don't read NA, Erotic, Adult, Non-Fiction (Biographies, Guides, How-to's) and other genres outside of YA.
  • I prefer physical copies - paperbacks or hardbounds. But since I live outside of America (Philippines specifically), I understand the situation. EBooks in the format of ePub's or PDF's are also preferred.
  • I will deliver an honest review as nice as possible for every book. I believe everyone is entitled to their own respective opinions.
  • I finish books in less than 1 or 2 days if I'm not busy. It usually takes me up to three weeks whenever I get bundled with activities from school. I'll try to meet the deadline (if you have one ☺) as much as possible. 

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