March 19, 2014

Blog Announcement: Back from the longer-than-expected hiatus!

Hi! It's been so long since I actually visited the blogger atmosphere. There's been a lot of things that has been going on lately and I'm so glad I'm over all of it. Here are few of the things that I've been doing:

  • Went on a book warehouse sale and brought home 5 books for 4/5 of the prices (which I'll be posting reviews of soon enough)
  • Finished novels on my iPad (which I'll be posting reviews of later on as well)
  • Visited my college to confirm my slot  and look for dorms even though my classes doesn't start until 11th of August
  • Cleared myself from school
  • Practiced (and still are) for graduation rites
And now I'm technically free from school since we only go to school for around 5 hours a day. I'll be here now to post reviews and meme's and other fun stuff. Thanks a lot :)

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