January 4, 2014

Books and Iced Coffee's 2014 Everything YA Reading Challenge

Books and Iced Coffee has decided to host a challenge and I flipped when I saw it! A YA READING CHALLENGE, EVERYBODY!!!!! Do I need to express my love for YA and for this challenge?

Sign up + Details

Challenge Guidelines:
  1. Participants must create a shelf or a page to where they can list the books that they have read for the year. 
  2. Book must meet any of the sub- genres of the young adult category, whether it’s paranormal, romance, drama, contemporary, horror, etc. 
  3. Must be longer than 100 pages.
  4. The year of when the book was published does not matter. As long as you have read the book in 2014, it will be accepted. 
  5. TO THOSE WHO HAVE A BLOG, feel free to post up a review of each book that you have read for the challenge and provide a link please?? I would love to read it :) 
  6. All formats are acceptable (paperback, ARC, ebook, etc.)
Reading list:
  1. Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green
Thank you, Books and Iced Coffee for this very wonderful challenge! ☺

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